Rental Ordinance Changes


As of June 12, 2018, the following Ordinance changes have been made and are in effect.

For the full copy of recent Ordinance changes: Ordinance No 018-049 Passed 6/12/2018

Property Standards' Office has moved to: 

77 S Broadway  Aurora, IL 60505

Late Fees

Application fees received after the expiration of the prior license shall be considered past due on the 1st day after the prior license expiration. Late fees will begin on September 1st

*Please be sure to renew your license prior to the due date of 8/31.*

Lease Addendum

City of Aurora Lease Addendum shall accompanied the License applications, and the background check verification owner's affidavit for all Eighteen (18) year old and older residents, and the total number of occupants including minors. These shall include the occupant's full legal name. For apartment complexes of greater than eight (8) units which aide emergency responders with surveillance cameras of an acceptable quantity and acceptable resolution to the community oriented policing officers and retain such video for a minimum of 30 days, their property management documentation and records may be accepted in lieu of the prescriptive city documents.

For properties which are unleased at time of application but leased by the time of inspection, an additional 100% license fee will be assessed should the missing lease addendum and background check verification affidavit not be provided by the landlord to the division offices 14 calendar days prior to the property inspection. Lodging House license types, and others as determined by the code official, shall require that the License be prominently posted inside the home in a certificate frame (above or adjacent to the main entry door) and available for Police Department or enforcement staff reference. Additionally, at time of new lease establishment, the landlord shall forward a revised lease addendum within 14 days of a new lease being signed.

Please submit the completed Landlord-Tenant Lease Addendum with any new rental registration or rental renewal.


The International Property Maintenance Code/ 2015 Edition and it's Appendix A as published by the International Code Council, Inc., is adopted as the property maintenance code of the city for the control of buildings, structures and improved or unimproved parcels as herein provided: and each and all of the regulations of such International Property Maintenance Code are referred to, adopted, and mad a part hereof as if fully set forth in this article, together with the additions, insertions, deletions and changes as prescribed in this article. (Code 1969, § 23-31; Ord. No. O95-05, § 1, 2-7-95: Ord No. O00-190, §§ 1,2,12-26-00) 

Cross reference-Fine schedule for violations, §1-11

Please click to access:  International Property Maintenance Code/ 2015 Edition

Licensed Dwelling Premises Requirements

No license shall be issued unless the premises for which the license is sought meets the following requirements:

  1. Off Street Parking. For newly established licensed dwellings or renewals after a 3 year lapse of licensing; required parking space(s) shall comply with the requirements of section 10 of the Aurora Zoning Ordinance; except that Section 10.6.2 shall not be applicable. Where there are practical difficulties or particular hardships in complying with this provision as to providing the required number of off-street parking spaces, or type of construction of said spaces, said owner or local representative may apply for a variance of said provision per section 111.2 appeal to the administrative hearing officer.                        
    • a. Single Family Rental Housing. A minimum of two (2) off-street parking spaces per dwelling unit.     
    • b. Two Family Rental Housing. A minimum of two (2) off-street parking spaces per dwelling unit.                         
    • c. Multi-Family Rental Housing. A minimum of one(1) off-street parking spaces per dwelling unit.
  2. Landscaping. A minimum amount of landscaping, pursuant to the Aurora Zoning Ordinance foundation and dwelling unit landscaping requirement must be met. Turf grass must be well maintained and with no dead areas or muddy ruts. Landscaping shall be maintained so as not to create violations per Chapter 21 section 18 Enumeration of Nuisances.
  3. Property Taxes. Property may not be filed under Homeowner Exemption for property tax purposes.
  4. Garbage and Refuse. Garbage receptacles shall be provided per 305.3.2 Containers Required.

Lodging House

Lodging House: A one-family dwelling where 4 or more unrelated persons reside. (definition of *family below)

Additional Lodging House Premises Requirements. In addition to the Licensed Dwelling premises requirements, lodging houses shall additionally meet the following:

  1. Parking. Individually accessible off street parking spaces (as defined in the zoning ordinance) equal to the number of 18 year old and older occupants. This may reduce the number of permitted occupants below that permitted under the occupancy standards. Common area parking managed by an association shall require parking calculations for the association and an approval from the association.
  2. Storage. Additional personal clothing storage per bedroom occupant. In addition to the occupancy standard square footage per occupant an additional twelve square feet per person of clothing storage shall be required within the bedroom.

  3. Electrical System. Electrical system upgrade to fully compliant system with current electrical code for new construction shall be required.

  4. Alarm System. A fully monitored through a central station, code compliant smoke and carbon monoxide detection and alarm system shall be required. 

  5. Garbage and Refuse. Garbage receptacles per 305.3.2(c) Containers Required.

Note: Grandfathering of renewals for existing previously licensed 113.8 non-conforming lodging, rooming and boarding houses will be re-issued for a maximum of five (5) years. These represent licensing cycles through the end of calendar year 2022. In calendar year 2023, 113.7 non-conforming structures will either be required to come into conformance or shall cease to be used as lodging, rooming or boarding homes.

*Family (added): Shall mean any individual or two (2) or more persons related by blood, marriage, civil union, legal adoption, or guardianship living together as a single housekeeping unit with provisions for living, sleeping, eating, cooking and sanitation within a dwelling unit including domestic employees and foster children. The definition of family shall not include more than three (3) unrelated persons


Registration required, inspection exempt. Single-family dwellings occupied by family members of the owner, as well as their own family members, where no rent is paid, or any property which is the subject of a contract sale and the buyer resides at the property, must be registered with the City, at no charge, and shall be exempt from licensure and the interior inspection requirements of this Article, unless the conditions set forth below are present:

  1. Such dwellings shall be required to be inspected on an exterior basis only, if three (3) or more exterior violations are found, or if a significant single code violation is found as determined by the code official or his designee, the property shall then be required to be licensed with the appropriate fee paid, and interior inspections made.
  2. Such dwellings shall also be required to be licensed with the appropriate fee paid and interior inspections made if there are two (2) or more verified calls for police service at the premises within a consecutive twelve-month time period, or if complaints are received for interior violations, or if the city can document a six month lack of water consumption.

Rental Properties Owned by City of Aurora Employees

Employee owned or partially owned rental properties shall be inspected and/or witnessed by Property Standards division management until a qualified third party vendor can be engaged to provide these inspection services. Upon commencement of the third party program, if the cost of the third party services are borne by the licensee, the inspection related portion of the fees of the city program may be waived to the extent required to equal the currently applicable licensing charges for others.

Requirements for LLC Agent(s) and Trustee(s)

Trustee(s) and LLC agent(s) disclosures are now required upon registration and renewal.

Should you have any questions please contact Property Standards at: 630-256-3770