1 & 100 Birthday Celebration

1 and 100


In honor of some of the eldest and youngest members of our community, the City of Aurora is hosting a special birthday party to celebrate those who are 100+ years and those who have celebrated their first birthday this past year.

Mayor Irvin’s annual 1 & 100 Birthday Celebration - recognizing Aurorans celebrating their one century birthday and their one year birthday - will be held at 1 p.m. on Sunday, August 26 at the Prisco Community Center, 150 W. Illinois Ave. The celebration includes cake, balloons, photos, activities and special gifts for the guests of honor.

Working with some of Aurora's senior living facilities, the City has gathered a group of centenarians who will be honored and is asking the public to submit others who have or will turn 100 years or more at any time since last summer.

Parents of children with first birthdays between August 1, 2017- August 15, 2018 are invited to attend the birthday celebration. Children celebrating first birthdays for the remainder of the year will be honored at the 2019 party.