Alice Active Shooter Training

In light of recent and continued incidents of sporadic, mass violence nationwide (including the recent Aurora Pratt tragedy), ALICE certified officers will be holding the second mass ALICE presentation to the public on 3-25-19. This is another attempt to educate and empower individuals and organizations within the city on the ALICE protocol. 

ALICE - which stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate - is an active assailant response protocol that covers how to react in active threat situations. This can be used within houses of worship, schools, businesses, medical/municipal environments or virtually any other public or private settings. Classes are presented in an approximately one and one-half hour instructional training module and they incorporate fundamentals of this useful protocol. 

The last APD mass ALICE training was on 6-19-18 at Waubonsee High School. Due to the generosity of the CalvaryTemple (9S200 State Rt 59), the Aurora Police Department will hold 2 workshops at this facility on March 25, 2019. Because space is limited, interested parties need submit registration forms as soon as possible.

One session will be from 2 PM to4 PM. 

A second session will be from 6PM to 8 PM. 

If you wish to attend, you must complete and submit the form on one of the links below, before March 20, 2019 :  Note that the first link is for the 2 to 4 PM session.  The second link is for the 6 to 8 PM session.

Registration Form for Session at Calvary Church, March 25, 2019, from 2 PM to 4 PM

Registration Form for Session at Calvary Church, March 25, 2019, from 6 PM to 8 PM

Registrations must be submitted before 3-20-19.

For more information about the ALICE program, please visit their website at

  1. Jeff Wiencek

    Day Shift Patrol Lieutenant

Active Assailant Coordinator