Street Maintenance

The Street Maintenance Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for providing services for the maintenance of approximately 2,100 lane miles of public roadway, right-of-way, and parkways.  These services include snow removal operations, tree trimming, and maintenance of roadway striping, signage, pavements, and sidewalks.  Various maintenance programs have been implemented which fully maximize the use of the division's Maintenance Workers.  A management team is responsible for the day-to-day operations, as well as for short and long range planning.

Free Mulch
Free mulch is available to all city residents at Illinois and Broadway by the park district parking lot when available.

Curbs & Gutters
The City of Aurora's Engineering Department is responsible for administering the cost-sharing program for the repair or replacement of deteriorated curb and/or gutters in the public right of way. For more information on this program, contact Engineering at 630-256-3200.

Flooded Streets
To report a flooded street contact the Water and Sewer Maintenance Division at 630-256-3710.

Illegal Signage
No signs of any type are allowed on any City right-of-way. Examples include garage sale, political, lost and found, for sale and realtors signs, etc., per Code 41-10-b8. Some larger signs can cause viewing obstructions.

Mosquito Abatement
Street Maintenance Division's mosquito abatement program utilizes both in-house and contracted services. Personnel from the Street Division treat approximately 12,000 catch basins in late May and early June with "Natular Tablets" lasting up to 150 days, which are environmentally friendly. These tablet-like briquettes are an organic product that mosquito larvae feed upon. Once the product is ingested, the larvae are prevented from growing into an adult mosquito and becoming a nuisance.

The City of Aurora has 5 mosquito light traps that are located throughout the community. Three times a week, the traps are emptied by our contracted mosquito management company, Clarke Environmental.

The females in the trap are counted. Adult female mosquitoes are the culprits with regard to mosquito bites. If the number exceeds 30, the Street Division sprays insecticide to reduce the mosquito population in the affected area only.

For more information or questions about the City's Mosquito Abatement Program, please contact Clarke Environmental directly, at 800-942-2555. You can also watch a video detailing the program on this page.

Pavement Markings
The Division of Streets Maintenance is responsible for applying pavement markings such as skip dash roadway markings, road edge line, stop bars, and pedestrian crosswalks. Several types of materials are used such as thermoplastic (granular material that is melted and applied at 375 degrees), Latex paint applied and an airless sprayer, and tape that is applied with an adhesive. Pavement markings, especially around schools, are inspected annually and applied as needed. Pavement markings of roadways are inspected every other year. Should you want to report pavement markings that are worn, please contact the Street Maintenance Division at 630-256-3680.

Plantings in Right-Of-Way
Plantings that cause viewing obstructions to vehicles are not allowed on city right-of-way. Examples include pine trees, bushes and tall grasses. This is according to Code 47-8. These types of plantings are illegal, block views and may cause accidents.

Potholes are voids in the street where the asphalt has broken apart causing a hole in the roadway. Potholes are generally caused by moisture (water) penetrating the subsurface of the asphalt and when the temperature reaches 32 degrees or lower the expansion of the water turning into ice causes the asphalt to break apart. On a daily basis the Street Division has two crews working on each side of town (east and west) inspecting, and when finding, filling potholes. When our office is notified by a complaint of a pothole, we normally fill it on the same day. To report a pothole, contact the Street Maintenance Division with the location or nearest
property address at 630-256-3680.

Road Construction
Road construction in new subdivisions is typically done by a private contractor hired by the developer. The City's Engineering Division monitors the road installation to ensure that it meets the City's standard specifications. The City also contracts with private contractors for new and existing roadway construction. For more information on this subject contact the Engineering Division at 630-256-3200.

Should your sidewalk be in need of repair or replacement, please contact the City's Engineering Division at 630-256-3200 for further information.

Regulatory Signage
The Street Maintenance Division is responsible for the maintenance, repair, and installation of regulatory signage. The Division has state-of-the-art sign-making equipment to manufacture signage that meet the specifications of the Federal Highway Administration. The division is constantly inspecting the visibility and condition of signage and replacing or upgrading when necessary. In addition, signage no longer necessary is removed. For more information or to report a damaged, worn, or missing sign contact the Street Maintenance Division at 630-256-3680.