Bicycle Friendly Community

The Bicycle Friendly Community program, created by the League of American Bicyclists, provides a roadmap to improving conditions for bicycling and provides guidance to help turn a community´s vision for a better, bikeable community into reality.

The Building Blocks of a Bicycle Friendly Community consist of 10 key metrics for a community to focus on in order to effectively improve bicycling. Aurora currently holds a Bronze designation, with a goal of moving to up to a Silver designation in 2020.

Building Blocks of a Bike-Friendly Community

  1. High speed roads with bicycle facilities
  2. Total bicycle network mileage in relation to total road network mileage
  3. Bicycle education in schools
  4. Share of transportation budget spent on bicycling
  5. Bike Month and Bike to Work events
  6. Active bicycle advocacy group
  7. Active bicycle advisory committee
  8. Bike-friendly laws and ordinances
  9. Bike plan is current and being implemented
  10. Bike program staff-to-population ratio