Historic Preservation Grant Program

Due to the current national situation, the Preservation Grant Program is on hold until July when City staff and elected officials will be able to meet to re-evaluate the program. We are asking that people please check back in the summer on the status of the Program. We will also provide updates of the status on our website, via email from our grant directory, and social networks once known. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused those preparing applications, but unfortunately, the situation was not foreseen by staff when we began announcing the program.

The primary objective of the City of Aurora’s Preservation Commission is the conservation and revitalization of the City’s historic neighborhoods. Key to this effort is the preservation of the City’s unique heritage as exemplified through historic and architecturally significant residential structures. The City of Aurora has set aside funding in order to help property owners achieve these objectives.

The Preservation Grant Program is a reimbursable grant for exterior historic rehabilitation projects. Payments will only be made upon completion and approval of the work. The minimum amount of each grant is $5,000 and the maximum is $20,000. All grants at or under $10,000 requires no cash match. All grants over $10,000 require a dollar for dollar amount for every dollar over $10,000. 


  • Designated as historic within the City of Aurora
  • Owner-occupied residential property
  • Not more than two (2) living units unless originally built with more
  • Proof of ownership
  • Exterior work only
  • The following work is ineligible: driveway repavement, new asphalt roofs, fencing, and landscaping
  • Detailed narrative of scope 
  • Two cost estimates
  • Historic Certificate of Appropriateness (HCOA)
  • Meet all other eligibility requirements found on the Historic Preservation Grant Guidelines
  • This is a reimbursement Grant Program where the City will reimburse the owner after the work is completed and approved


Historic Preservation Grant Guidelines

Historic Preservation Grant Application

Historic Preservation Grant Compliance Checklist

HCOA Detailed Budget

Contractors Sworn Statement

Preservation Grant Reimbursement Request