Tree Planting Guidelines

Parkway Tree Planting

The City of Aurora will plant free parkway trees based on appropriate planting sites. Not all removed trees will be replaced. Only city approved tree species may be planted in parkways.
To request a tree, please contact Customer Service: 630-256-INFO (4636).  The homeowner can only  request trees; requests by other parties is not allowed.  
The City of Aurora reserves the right to select the tree species, the number of trees planted per location, and planting location within the parkway. The parkway right-of-way area available for tree planting varies by property. City staff will assess the planting area to make sure that the following guidelines are met:
  • Trees do not conflict with existing utilities and overhead wires
  • Minimum distance of 50 feet from intersection
  • Minimum distance of 100 feet from traffic signal
  • Trees are located a minimum of 25 feet (small trees), or 35 feet (medium/large trees) from any other tree
  • Trees are at least 25 feet from an overhead light, and 10 feet from fire hydrant or utility pole
  • Adequate root zone area for a tree to grow healthy (6' x 6')
  • 6 feet from any driveway or V-Box
  • Parkway must be at least 6 feet wide
  • Trees cannot be planted in the same location where a previous tree was removed.
  • Where irrigation systems are installed in the parkway, the City of Aurora or its landscape contractor will not be responsible for any damage caused by tree planting.

Species Diversity

The City follows a tree-planting program that insures a wide diversity of tree species is planted throughout the community. Species diversity is an important step to help prevent against substantial tree canopy loss due to devastating diseases like the Dutch Elm disease of the 1950s and 60s, and more recently the Emerald Ash Borer

Approved Tree Species Selection List:

Tree Planting - Spring & Fall

The City plants trees each year along city-owned parkways. Most of the trees are planted in the fall; however, some tree species are planted in the spring because they respond better to transplanting at this time. Fall planting is usually finished by mid-November while spring planting is competed by mid-May.

The 50/50 Parkway Tree Program is no longer available, however the free parkway tree program is available.

Residents requesting new parkway trees should read the care instructions for newly planted trees.