2018 Annual Report, The Blue Line

The Aurora Police Department is releasing their 2018 Annual Report, The Blue Line, which highlights the past year’s review of crime, community engagement and training.

2018 Annual Report, The Blue Line Opens in new windowDuring the year, the Aurora Police Department held true to their overarching goal of having a community where citizens, business owners and visitors feel safe. It is through that commitment that Police Chief Kristen Ziman and her fellow officers dedicate time to continuous training and community engagement.

“It isn’t enough to have tools and skills without relationships,” said Chief Ziman. “These interactions not only humanizes the officers but also builds and strengthens relationships which make problem solving a community effort.” Officers have been directed to spend time getting out of their squad cars and interact with the community on a personal level. 

The Blue Line also highlights the department’s organization, vehicles, pursuits, 9-1-1 call statistics, social media, K-9 unit and overall crime trends in Aurora.