Public Comment

In compliance with the Open Meetings Act, the City of Aurora permits members of the public an opportunity to address public officials during meetings of the City Council and its committees.

In summary, a member of the public may speak once during any single meeting for up to 3 minutes on a topic of his or her choice. Speakers may not share their 3 minutes with each other. The total time allotted for public comment during any given meeting is 30 minutes with the clock running only when a person is actually speaking. The City Council is not permitted to respond or interact with speakers during public comment as this is a time set aside for members of the public to provide their input.

We ask that you call the Clerk’s Office at (630) 256-3070 or use the sign-in sheet provided at each meeting to let us know that you wish to make public comment. If you are uncomfortable giving us your name, please provide us with some other means of identifying you so that we can call on you when it’s your turn to speak.  All public speakers must be registered prior to the start of meeting. The rules provide that the Mayor or a committee chair may adjust a meeting agenda to more effectively accommodate public comment.

The complete text of the Council’s rules, as adopted by R18-065 on March 13, 2018, is available at the link below: 

Resolution 18-065 - (Adopted March 13, 2018)

As of this posting, all of the Council's committees follow the same general rules.

Please click here to download the:

 Brochure: “Guidelines for Public Comment"