Volunteer Opportunities

Severe Weather Support

Monitor severe weather during weather watches and warnings at the Aurora Weather Center located at the Emergency Operations Center. Receive reports from Field Weather Spotters and relay information to the National Weather Service.

HAM Radio and Auxiliary Communications

Trained licensed HAM radio operators and communication specialists assist the agency and the city when other forms of communication are slow, unavailable, or by providing facilitation of existing communication methods during incidents.

Public Preparedness and Resiliency

The Public Preparedness and Resiliency volunteers are responsible for public education, resiliency, and recruitment of the agency by providing in person training, demonstrations, and community outreach at appropriate events.  The group, through collaboration with the office, will facilitate enhancing public preparedness appropriately for the citizens of Aurora based on threats and hazards specific to the city.

Traffic Management

Traffic Management volunteers provide traffic control support for emergency and non-emergency events and incidents. For emergencies, requests have varied response needs, but common job actions include assisting with traffic control and scene lighting for vehicle accidents, assisting with downed power lines, gas main breaks, and other incidents. These callouts are not scheduled events, can happen any time, day or night; and members are on-call to assist when needed. For non-emergencies, traffic control and equipment needs are met to support a variety of city sponsored and permitted events.

Ground Search and Rescue

The Ground Search and Rescue team assists city, county, and state agencies in searching for lost persons or evidence. Members must be in good physical shape and be able to endure the rigors of a search and rescue which can take place in any kind of weather, for an extended period of time, and through a vast variety of terrains.

First Aid

The First Aid team assists in providing first aid to the community during scheduled events, supporting on scene Emergency Medical Services. All members are required to have basic CPR and First Aid training, but volunteer members may provide this support service when requested.

Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Support

Help provide necessary support services during emergency operations. These duties may include answering phones, being a runner between offices or departments, and supporting the logistical needs of the EOC during emergency operations.

Volunteer Requirements

The Aurora Emergency Management Agency is looking for caring and dedicated individuals that wish to serve their neighbors and community. We are always looking for good people with open minds and big hearts that want to serve in the Aurora Emergency Management Agency Emergency Volunteer Services. To be eligible, applicants must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age at time of application
  • Valid Illinois Driver's License
  • Proof of vehicle insurance
  • Subject to a background check
  • Agree to a Code of Conduct and adhere to all EMA rules and regulations
  • Be available to respond to emergency calls
  • Commit to donating a minimum of 12 hours of service every three months
NOTE:  You are not required to be a resident of Aurora, however, if you wish to assist with emergency callouts you shall not live more than 10 miles outside Aurora.

Training Requirements

All new members will have to complete a six-month supervised probation period.   Members on supervised probation are expected to attend monthly meetings and trainings, and new members are strongly encouraged to participate in as many different activities as possible to find what best fits their interests.

Probation will end after six-months only if the new member has completed their orientation program in full.

The orientation program includes:

  • Orientation packet and equipment binder
  • Blood Borne Pathogens/Personal Protective Equipment Training – 4 hours
  • Hazardous Materials Awareness – 6 hours
  • First Aid, CPR, and AED Training – 8 hours
  • FEMA Independent Study Courses:  100, 230, 700, and 2000 – 15.5 hours

Volunteers must also complete basic training requirements to participate in a specialized activity and are required to maintain a minimum number of hours of training each year to remain active in their role.


Volunteers are responsible for:
  • Being realistic and candid in accepting their assignment, taking into consideration your interests, skills, and availability, as well as the needs of AEMA and the City of Aurora.
  • Learning the volunteer assignment as well as you can by completing all required training, asking questions, and staying in touch with Supervisors, Members, and AEMA.
  • Contributing to EVS by being reliable and dependable in doing your job and working with other volunteers.
  • Following all policies and guidelines of EVS, sign a Code of Conduct, observe confidentiality when needed, and engage in appropriate public behavior at all times.
  • Participating in the feedback process by letting Supervisors and AEMA staff know how you feel about your volunteer experience and by giving constructive suggestions for improvement in any area.
  • Developing your skills as a volunteer by actively participating in training and development opportunities.
Aurora Emergency Management is responsible for:
  • Providing a suitable assignment based upon your interests, skills, and availability, as well as AEMA needs.
  • Initial orientation and training, and continued training, to help you perform and be successful in your role.
  • Providing opportunity to work as part of a team, to contribute to the welfare of the City of Aurora and its departments, and to be recognized for your contribution.
  • Giving the support you need to do your job, including necessary equipment, supplies, workspace, and helpful supervision.
  • Allowing opportunity to provide feedback about your volunteer experience.
  • Providing the chance to grow and develop as a volunteer through participation, training events, meetings, and positions.