City Services A - H

  1. Aldermen's Office

    View information about the Aldermen's Office of Aurora.

  2. Animal Care & Control

    The Division of Animal Control and Care promotes and protects public safety through sheltering, pet placement programs, education and animal law enforcement.

  3. Aurora Community Television (ACTV)

  4. Aurora Municipal Airport

    Learn about the Aurora Municipal Airport, a full-service Chicago-area corporate aircraft facility, situated just outside the Class B airspace for O'Hare International Airport.

  5. Aurora Public Library

    The Aurora Public Library has been serving the public since 1881 when it was established by city ordinance as a tax-supported institution.

  6. Buildings & Permits

    Read the mission statement and learn about the services provided by the Buildings and Permits division.

  7. City Clerk

    Read about the mission statement and responsibilities of the City Clerk's Office.

  8. Code Compliance

    The Division of Property Standards enforces codes in neighborhoods and in rental properties, ensuring that neighborhoods and rental homes stay safe.

  9. Community Relations & Public Information

    Read the mission of the community relations and public information division and access the Aurora Borealis newsletter.

  10. Community Services

    Read about the various community services offered in Aurora, including customer service and youth and senior services.

  11. Customer Service

    View information about the Customer Service Division and contact information for the division.

  12. Development Services

    Access information on the economic development, historic preservation and other developmental services in Aurora.

  13. Economic Development

    Read about Invest Aurora, Aurora's economic development partnership.

  14. Emergency Management Agency

    Read about the Emergency Management Agency and learn about its services and responsibilities.

  15. Farmers Market

    The OLDEST farmers market in the state with the best produce and other great finds!

  16. Finance

    The Finance department provides municipal, financial services of the highest quality to the Residents and Businesses of the City of Aurora, the City Council, and the City Staff, in an efficient and progressive manner, while safeguarding City assets and upholding the Public Trust.

  17. Fire Department

    The Fire Department provides essential fire suppression, special operations, and emergency medical services to the citizens of the City of Aurora with an elevated level of expertise.

  18. Historic Preservation

    Learn about historic preservation initiatives in Aurora.

  19. Human Resources

    Find our equal opportunity and affirmative action statement, residency requirements, immigration information, and division responsibilities.