Property Registration Renewal Process

You have the ability to renew on-line and pay on-line 24/7 with eTRAKiT

Additionally, if you have multiple licenses you can associate ALL of your licenses with an on-line account for tracking and mass payment.  In addition to the step by step instructions below, find instructions/tutorial documents HERE.

Creating an On Line Account

Follow these steps to Create your On Line Account (instructions/tutorial documents HERE).
  1. Navigate to
  2. Select "Setup an Account" in the upper orange ribbon
  3. Follow the instructions to Complete your On-Line Account

Linking your Registration Properties to your Account

Follow these steps to Link Your Licenses to your On Line Account.
  1. Upon Account creation completion (Above) click/select "DASHBOARD" button from the upper orange ribbon or row
  2. From the Dashboard screen click/select the blue box entitled  "LINK TO PERMITS, PROJECTS, AND LICENSES"
  3. Select License from the pull-down menu (see the down arrow to the right of PERMIT).
  4. Paste the License number in the open box and click "LINK"  (see email subject line or your renewal notice). Make sure to delete any leading or trailing blanks from your COPY and PASTE.


Follow these steps to Complete your Renewal application and make payment (instructions/tutorial documents HERE).

  1. From your DASHBOARD Under ‘My License Renewals’ section please select/click the arrow under the Renew column.
  2. You will then be directed to 'STEP 1 of the license renewal process. Confirm the license is correct & click 'RENEW LICENSE'.
  3. 'STEP 2' Please complete all *required fields. This includes questions regarding license, property, and tenant information. Please be sure to upload & attach any supporting documentation, such as lease addendum, at the bottom of this screen. Then click/select 'NEXT STEP'.
  4. 'STEP 3' Please verify all contact information for Owner, Agent, and/or Property Manager. You will be *required to enter an emergency phone number & a mailing address. Then click/select 'NEXT STEP',
  5. 'STEP 4' Review and verify the information is ALL correct & complete. To make corrections select 'PREVIOUS STEP'. If all is correct & complete click/select 'NEXT STEP'.
  6. You will then be directed to the payment screen. To complete your payment select/click ‘PAY NOW’ then complete the credit card transaction and print your receipt. (If there is no payment required, then you will reach the Confirmation page)
  7. Please print your receipt for your records. 

VERIFYING Completion of the Process

Follow these steps to verify that payment is recorded
  1. Navigate back to your DASHBOARD and view the ‘My Active License’ section. Note that the fees due section now indicates that $0.00 FEES DUE and the STATUS has been changed to PAID ONLINE, PENDING INTERIOR INSPECTION, OR PENDING EXTERIOR INSPECTION.
  2. Semi-monthly in batches, Aurora will be changing the STATUS of these licenses to PENDING INTERIOR INSPECTION OR PENDING EXTERIOR INSPECTION and modifying the expiration date to August 31st of next year. You will be receiving an automatic email when the status is changed. This change will be reflected on your dashboard when this is completed as well.



Due to the high volume of required inspections, all interior inspections will be conducted over the next 2 years. Your renewal notices will indicate the status of your properties interior inspection. We will also notify you of the scheduled inspection via email & mail.

The Landlord Tenant Lease Addendum and State or National Criminal Background Check will be required at interior inspection for all tenants eighteen (18) years & older. For more information on Resident Screening sites, please visit: Resident Screening Sites.

Due to the delay in interior inspections caused by the Pandemic, we strongly recommend that all Landlords prepare for inspection by using our Pre-Inspection Guide.

Life Safety issues that should be avoided include, but are not limited to:

  • Missing/ inoperable Smoke Detectors
  • Missing/ inoperable Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Water Heater not vented properly
  • Flues not installed correctly & vented properly
  • Discharge pipe on water heater
  • Electrical hazards (exposed wires, etc)
  • Structural issues
  • Illegal units
  • Overcrowding
  • Living/ sleeping in basements and uninhabitable attics

Please be aware that per Illinois State Law: By January 1, 2023, all single and multi-family homes that are still using smoke alarms with removable batteries are required to install new alarms that feature 10-year self-contained, non removeable battery. 

State of Illinois Smoke Detector Law -Change effective 1/1/2023

Renewal Tutorial Documents

Please upload these Tutorial Documents to assist you with our On Line software