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Registration Program Purpose

Program Purposes
  • In order to promote the safety and well-being of all city residents, as well as city businesses and their patrons, and to aid the efforts of law enforcement, fire personnel, and other first responders in the event of an emergency, all entities conducting business activities in the city must register with the city and provide all required information as set forth in the application for general business registration.

Program Ordinances

2019 Ordinance Adoptions for Registration Program

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

  • An entity that operates out of the primary residence of the person responsible for registration is EXEMPT from this registration program
  • Not-For Profits are NOT EXEMPT from Registration
  • Businesses operating in multiple buildings will be required to register per building address.  Program is about Emergency response and different buildings will have different safety features if not additionally different emergency contacts. 
  • If you have received a notice for a former business of yours please just discard notice.  In the absence of this program, we utilized many sources of data for our outreach but inevitably many were obsolete. 

FAQs Notice in English and Spanish

Key Definitions
  • Business means any commercial, charitable, religious or industrial enterprise, to include all kinds of vocations, occupations, establishments, retail and non-retail stores, and other kinds of activities and matters, whether or not conducted for profit or benefit.
  • Entity means as any business, individual, partnership, corporation, joint venture, society, association, club, trust, religious institution, or any officers, agents, employees, or any kind of personal representative, acting in any capacity, within the city.
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