Wolf’s Crossing Subarea Plan

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The Wolf’s Crossing Subarea Plan is focused on updating the City of Aurora’s land use and transportation recommendations for an area of approximately 500 acres in the most southern part of Aurora in Ward 9. The study area is bounded by 111th Street, US Route 30, Eola Road, Wolf’s Crossing and the CN rail line.

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A Comprehensive Plan is a long-range planning document that is designed for 15-20 years. The Comprehensive Plan sets a vision and road-map that guides future growth and development. The Plan guides decisions on where to build new housing, how to improve our transportation system, how to promote economic development, and where to make capital investments. The Plan is the framework that guides development decisions. It addresses a wide range of topics that affect how we experience the City, including housing, economic development, community facilities, parks and open space, land use, and transportation. The Plan studies existing conditions and identifies implementation strategies to help the City reach its goals.

Purpose for a Comprehensive Plan Update

This is not the first time that future land uses have been re-evaluated for this area. In the City’s 1984 Comprehensive Plan the area is designated as primarily residential with some retail. In 1999, while the area of the City north of Wolf’s Crossing was experiencing significant residential growth, the City updated the future land use recommendations for this area to be primarily industrial with some retail. This essentially eliminated a large portion of the proposed residential component leaving only a transitional area along Wolf’s Crossing Road. At that time, the City was interested in having an industrial area to relocate existing industrial uses throughout the City in incompatible neighborhoods. However, that industrial vision never came to fruition and the property has sat undeveloped. In fact, the nearby existing industrial area that was constructed in the 1970’s/80’s still has vacancies and parcels that have never been developed. In today’s industrial market, proximity to key transportation corridors, such as I-88 and I-55 is attractive. According to the development and business community, this area is too far from those transportation corridors to attract 500 acres of industrial businesses.

Vision for the Wolf’s Crossing Subarea

The vision and guiding principles are designed to reflect an ideal future for the Wolf’s Crossing Subarea and provide a framework for plan concepts and implementation strategies.

Wolf’s Crossing Subarea is a well-planned, interconnected, attractive neighborhood with different housing options, especially senior housing, and retail opportunities.  The area builds upon the nearby high-quality community facilities especially the elementary and junior high schools.  The transportation network which is linked to the newly realigned Eola Road provides internal connectivity for vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians in a safe and efficient system.  Parks and open space are found throughout the subarea serving local residents and providing stormwater management.

Planning Process

The plan has been created using the following six step planning process.  The “virtual” public open house on January 11th, 2021 is part of Step 5.

 Step 1: Existing Conditions

Step 2: Goals and Objectives

Step 3: Future Plans

Step 4: Implementation Strategy

Step 5: Community Outreach

Step 6: Planning Commission, Public Hearing, and City Council Adoption

The public is encouraged to view the draft Wolf's Crossing Subarea Plan and submit questions to the Zoning and Planning department at [email protected]