Property Damage Claim

City of Aurora Mailbox Damage Claims

It is the City's policy to reimburse the owners of mailbox damaged by direct physical contact from the city or city-contracted snowplow when the mailboxes were located and constructed in accordance with the provisions of Section 42-22 of the City Code of the City of Aurora.

A resident who believes he or she is eligible for reimbursement up to $75.00 under this policy must, within 60 days of the snow event or date of damage submit a claim to the Customer Service Department at 630-256-4636 with the information below.

  1. The mailbox owner’s name and address
  2. The date the damage occurred
  3. A picture of the damaged mailbox and surrounding area; and 
  4. A copy of a receipt or receipts reflecting the purchase of a new mailbox, post, or materials used to repair a damaged mailbox or post. 

The resident can repair his or her mailbox following the provisions in the below Mailbox Damage Claims Policy. The City will not reimburse the owners for the cost associated with the replacement of ornamental or decorative mailboxes, including those constructed of brick, even if a local homeowners association requires such mailboxes.

Mailbox ordinance 019-076 Dated November 12, 2019