Farnsworth Avenue at Marshall Boulevard/Illinois Prairie Path

The City of Aurora is currently conducting a Preliminary Engineering Study for safety improvements at 1) the pedestrian crossing on the north leg Farnsworth Avenue at the Marshall Boulevard intersection, and 2) at the Illinois Prairie Path crossing of Farnsworth Avenue.

Study Background

Two fatal pedestrian crashes, and several serious injury crashes have occurred at the Farnsworth Avenue/Marshall Boulevard intersection and one serious bicyclist injury crash has occurred at the Illinois Prairie Path crossing over the past several years.  IDOT's 2017 Safety Tier Study identified the intersection of Farnsworth Avenue/Marshall Boulevard as a critical intersection and the stretch of Farnsworth Avenue between Sheffer Road and Molitor Road as a medium segment for the implementation of safety improvements.  The City recently applied for and was awarded Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) funding through the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), to study, design, and construct safety improvements at these locations.

Purpose of Project

The purpose of the project is to increase safety for people walking and bicycling in the study area; specifically those crossing Farnsworth Avenue on the north leg at its intersection with Marshall Boulevard, and those crossing Farnsworth Avenue at the Illinois Prairie Path.

Proposed Improvements

The proposed improvements consist of the installation of raised barrier pedestrian/bicyclist refuge islands at the two crossing locations, in place of the existing painted medians.  In addition, new and expanded push-button Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFB) and signage will be installed at both locations.  RRFB assemblies will be installed on both sides of Farnsworth Avenue at both locations, and within the refuge islands.  The project area will be resurfaced and new pavement markings will be installed.

Public Information Meeting

A public information meeting (PIM) was held on Monday, September 20, 2021 at City Hall.  The purposes of the meeting were to introduce the study, present the existing conditions, solicit input on issues affecting people walking and bicycling across Farnsworth Avenue at the subject locations, and to present the proposed improvement plan and solicit input. Following are materials associated with the PIM.

Invitation Flyer:  This was mailed to area residents and businesses two weeks prior to the meeting.

Display Exhibits: These are as presented at the PIM.

Comment Form: Please feel free to print this form, provide comments or questions, and deliver to Bob Grenne at noted below. 

We encourage comments throughout the course of the study.  Comments received by October 4, 2021 will be added to the record of this public meeting.  Questions or comments may be directed to:

Robert Greene
Traffic Engineer
City of Aurora
Development Services Center
77 S. Broadway
Aurora, IL 60507-2067
(630) 256-3200
[email protected]