Aurora Police Department Senior Staff

  1. Cross, Keith

    Keith Cross

    Chief of Police

  1. Thomas, Matthew

    Matt Thomas

    Deputy Chief of Police

  1. Stemmet, Steven

    Steve Stemmet

    Commander, Investigative Services Bureau

  1. 5547 Lemezis

    Kelly Lemezis

    Office Coordinator to the Chief of Police

  1. Grommes, Theodore

    Ted Grommes

    Lieutenant, Office of Professional Standards, Training

  1. Photo of Michael Corrigran

    Michael Corrigan

    Community Oriented Policing Lieutenant

  1. Tate, Jeffery

    Jeff Tate

    Lieutenant, Day Watch Commander

  1. McWilliams

    Chris McWilliams

    Lieutenant, Afternoon Watch Commander

  1. Howe, Joseph

    Joseph Howe

    Lieutenant, Night Watch Commander

  1. Eppard, Daniel

    Dan Eppard

    Commander, Support Services Bureau

  1. Flowers

    Don Flowers

    Commander, Neighborhood Policing Bureau

  1. Westrom, Eric

    Eric Westrom

    Investigations Division Lieutenant

  1. Spayth, Gregory

    Greg Spayth

    Lieutenant, Special Operations Group

  1. Elizabeth Robinson-Chan

    Liz Robinson-Chan

    Commander, Administrative Services Bureau

  1. Hobday, Jacqui

    Jacqueline Hobday

    Telcommunications Director

  1. Handell, Bryan

    Bryan Handell

    Lieutenant, Central Services Division

  1. Wolcott, Andrew

    Andy Wolcott

    Special Events Lieutenant

  1. Rowley

    Bill Rowley

    Lieutenant, Administrative Services