Boards & Commissions A - E

  1. African American Heritage Advisory Board

    The African American Heritage Advisory Board is a non-partisan advisory board that is community based and funded by the City of Aurora.

  2. Aurora Airport Advisory Board

    The Aurora Airport Advisory Board is an advisory body only and shall make recommendations to the public works director and the appropriate committee of the city council.

  3. Aurora Civic Center Authority Board

    The Aurora Civic Center Authority Board is authorized by law to promote, operate and maintain events.

  4. Aurora Housing Authority

    The Aurora Housing Authority relieves the shortage of decent, safe, affordable and sanitary dwellings.

  5. Aurora Neighborhood Council

    The Aurora Neighborhood Council is an advisory body to the city council, on the development or initiation of programs or actions that will enhance, Aurora's diverse neighborhoods.

  6. Aurora Public Art Commission

    The Commission establishes guidelines for selection of artists, art works and sites based on the intent of this division.

  7. Aurora Veterans Advisory Council

    The Veterans Advisory Council shall aid in the planning, development and implementation of veteran-related special activities and programs in the city.

  8. Bicycle, Pedestrian & Transit Advisory Board

    The Bicycle, Pedestrian and Transit Advisory Board is an advisory body to the city council, on the planning and development process for bicycle, pedestrian and public transit facilities.

  9. Block Grant Working Committee

    The Block Grant Working Committee is established to provide direct resident involvement and oversight of the goals, objectives and resources of the Community Development Block Grant Program.

  10. Building Code Board of Appeals

    The Building Code Board of Appeals shall meet upon notice from the chairperson, within 10 days of the filing of an appeal or at stated periodic meetings.

  11. Civil Service Commission

    The commission guides the general direction and has supervision of classified civil service system in the city.

  12. Downtown Board of Directors

    View past agendas and minutes for the Downtown Board of Directors. which meets on the 3rd Thursday of every month.

  13. Downtown Executive Committee

    Access agendas and minutes from past committee meetings.

  14. Economic Development Commission

    The Aurora Economic Development Commission shall perform such services and take such actions as are necessary to develop, design and implement a marketing program with the sole objective being to assist existing commerce and industry and to attract additional development.

  15. Electrical Commission

    The Electrical Commission shall make recommendations to the city council regarding safe and practical standards and specifications.

  16. Environmental Advisory Board

    This board helps strengthen current initiatives and proposes and plans new ones.