If you light it

Fireworks are illegal in Aurora under City Code Sec. 29-30:

Unlawful Possession or Use of Fireworks -Possession and Use of Fireworks Is Prohibited. No person shall sell, offer for sale, give, store, possess, explode, fire, ignite, discharge, or otherwise use display fireworks, flame effects, consumer fireworks or any other pyrotechnic prohibited by law or this code except as authorized by this code.

If you  light fireworks, we'll write the citation for fines - and possibly more!


If found in violation:

  • Violators will be issued fines up of to $1,000.
  • Repeat offenders can face even higher fines
  • Owner of the property where illegal fireworks are occurring can be fined
  • A lien can be placed on property where there are repeat occurrences

Report illegal fireworks:

  • Submit a report online here
  • or call the Customer Service Center at 630-256-4636
  • or call 911 if the situation threatens the safety of persons or property