Aurora InterFaith Alliance

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Established in 2017 as the Mayor’s InterFaith Advisory Council, a group of faith leaders began to meet during Mayor Irvin’s first term in office to advise the mayor on community issues. 

As the mayor’s vision for ‘One Aurora’ continued to expand and evolve, so did the goal of including a more comprehensive tapestry of faith leaders at the table. 

With a renewed commitment to equity and inclusion, the City’s pride in our diversity across the board became a catalyst for strengthening interfaith initiatives and efforts under the banner of the Aurora InterFaith Alliance to:

    organize a council of heads of churches, temples, mosques, synagogues, and faith-based places of worship and organizations

    establish and coordinate effective collaborations between the City and the faith community in addressing citywide issues.

    cultivate an environment that engages faith-based organizations in creating citywide programs and initiatives. 

    advise City officials on the needs of faith organizations to better serve members, neighborhoods, and the community.

Members of the Aurora InterFaith Alliance also:

gather for quarterly for updates with City officials.

participate on the City’s Boards and Commissions.

offer assistance during emergency situations.

provide invocation at City Council Meetings and community events.

advise on religious observances and special occasions.

help with volunteers for community events and initiatives.

If you are a local faith leader interested in joining the Aurora InterFaith Alliance, complete the interest form: HERE