Mobile Food Unit Rules, Regulations and Information

Are you a mobile food unit vendor looking to operate in Aurora? See below for helpful information as well as the application.

Looking for a mobile food unit for an event? Use the link below!

Vendors listed here may have an annual license, or may have received an event license at one point in the year. Event organizers/hosts should ask the vendor if they have a current license, or contact the License Administrator at 630-256-3560 to inquire.

Want to participate in an event? Follow these steps to ensure compliance:

If the event is on public (city) property, a “Special Event Permit” may be required. Contact Community Events at [email protected] or by calling 630-256-3370. 

Unsure if the event requires a permit or consent form? Contact the License Administrator at [email protected] or 630-256-3560.

City Designated Mobile Food Unit Spots

The map below lists spots designated by the City of Aurora for licensed mobile food units to utilize on a first-come-first-serve basis. All users must have a current City of Aurora license. 

Are you a vendor with an annual license looking to operate within 100 ft. of a brick-and-mortar restaurant? Review the information below on how to request a “Distance Reduction Hearing."

Online Applications

PDF Applications

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Contact Information

License Administrator

Lisa Zepeda, Manager, Revenue & Collections

[email protected]


Fire Prevention Bureau

[email protected]