View the step-by-step commendation process

Step 1: Commendation Filed

  • Internal Commendation - An employee or supervisor submits a Commendation and routes it up through the chain of command.
  • External Commendation - There are many ways for a citizen to submit a Commendation, but the preferred method is through the Public Portal.

  • Commendations may be made anonymously.

Step 2: Supervisor Review

  • APD supervisors then review the submission, add their comments /remarks and route it to APD's Office of Professional Standards.

Step 3: Commander Review

  • The Bureau Commander reviews the submission forwarded by the Office of Professional Standards, adds their comments / remarks and route it back to APD's Office of Professional Standards.

Step 4: Commander Review

  • APD's Office of Professional Standards then routes the submission to the Commendation Committee, which is made of one commander, two lieutenants, two sergeants, two officers and two civilians.
  • The Commendation Committee meets once a month to determine the Employee of the Month and decide which commendation each submission will receive.

Step 5: Award Presented To Employee

  • After the Commendation Committee meeting, the letters and certificates are created, and then hand delivered to the respective lieutenants to be distributed to the employee.

In no way does the lack of formal recognition through this process intend to dismiss the hard work, sacrifice and dedication that our employees and our public routinely display. Rather this process also honors their efforts in our formal recognition ceremonies.