Permit Process

Permit Process (click to enlarge)

Development Services - Permit Application Process

Navigating the Permit Process

Below you have an outline of the permit process:

1. Complete the Pre-Permit Checklist in order to be better prepared for permit submittal.  

Please note that any delinquent or past due balances owed to the City of Aurora will delay permit issuance. Please reach out to Revenue & Collections to submit payment or setup a payment plan at: 630-256-3560.

2. Apply for Permit -Submit the permit application along with the permit requirements listed on the application and the permit application fee. 

  • Please be sure to include an email contact in your application as automated emails will keep you up to date on the status of your permit throughout the permit process. 
  • If the permit submission is responding to code violations, please note the code case in the application description.
  • Applications may be submitted Online at: e-TRAKiT Online Portal 

3. Permit is Reviewed - Please note that there may be multiple review approvals required by different departments & agencies. Estimated review times are available: Review Timeframes

4. Pay Fees & Licensed Contractors Required - Any outstanding permit fees due would need to be paid and all Contractors are required to meet the City of Aurora Licensing requirements prior to permit issuance. 

  • Permit Fee schedule available at: Permit Fee Schedule
  • Contractor Registration Form - Certificate of Insurance for General Liability will be required to list the statement: City of Aurora is primary & non-contributory additional insured. 

5. Permit Issuance - The permit should be displayed in a window or door, clearly visible from the street. Permit will indicate site address, permit expiration, Conditions of approval, and the required inspections. Permits typically expire after 6 months of inactivity.

6. Schedule Inspections - The required inspections will be listed on the permit in a sequenced order. Please be sure to stay active with the permit inspections as to avoid permit expiration. Inspections may be requested via phone, in person, or using the e-TRAKiT Online Portal 

  • Inspections are conducted Monday- Friday between 9am-3pm. Should you like to confirm a tighter inspection window, you may reach out to the Inspector the morning of the scheduled Inspection between 7:30am-8:30am. Inspector Contact Information is available at: Inspector Contact Sheet

7. Permit Closed/Completed.