Due to the recent Hail Damage on April 4, 2023, our offices have experienced a rapid influx in Roofing permit application submissions. Due to the high foot traffic & high call volumes, we strongly recommend submitting permits online via: e-TRAKiT Online Portal

Please review the roofing permit requirements listed below & utilize all the online tools available to assist in completing the permit process: 

1. Contractor Registration - All General Contractors & Roofing Contractors are required to be licensed with the City of Aurora, IL. 

  • Contractor Registration may be submitted in person or via email to: [email protected]
  • Certificate of Insurance for General Liability will be required to list the statement: City of Aurora is primary & non-contributory additional insured. 
  • Certificate of Insurance for Workers Compensation Coverage is required for all Roofing Contractors

2. Copy of Contract Required

  • Please note that if a Roofing Contract is in the name of a 3rd party company, then this Company would be required to register as a General Contractor. All parties are responsible for completing permit process & inspections. 

3. Permit Application & Fees- You may submit the Roofing Permit Application in person or you may submit the application electronically online via: e-TRAKiT Online Portal

4. Ventilation Calculation Worksheet- All roofing permits are required a Ventilation Calculation Worksheet. Please note that in order to complete this worksheet an attic inspection is required to be completed to verify the attic area & all existing ventilation. Although the Contractor may not intend to change the ventilation or make changes to the soffit ventilation; the ventilation worksheet is required to reflect all existing ventilation. This is required in order to verify that all ventilation is properly balanced & meeting Code Requirements. 

  • Each Separate attic space is required a separate Ventilation Calculation Worksheet. 
  • Aurora Roofing Presentation is available to assist in completing the Ventilation Calculation Worksheet. 
  • Roofing Calculators are available to assist you in meeting code requirements. However, a completed Ventilation Calculation Worksheet is still required. 

5. Review(s) will be required for: 

  • Cathedral Ceilings
  • Flat Roofs
  • Commercial Roofs
  • Historic District
  • Foxwalk District
  • Replacing any structural framing
  • Replacing all sheathing material
  • Installing New Power Vent

For permit review timeframes, please visit: Review Timeframes


  • Please provide manufacturer’s specifications on any vents that are not listed on the Ventilation form. 
  • If unsure on what type of vents are currently installed, then please take pictures.
  • If you are new to this process and having trouble completing the ventilation sheet or if you are having trouble balancing the existing ventilation system, then please come into our office & our staff can assist you.