Hydrant Meter Rental

Section 48-29 of the City of Aurora Municipal Code of Ordinances allows for persons to request the ability to open/operate a hydrant.  Persons authorized to open/operate a hydrant must rent a hydrant meter from the city for the purposes of tracking and billing for the water usage.   


A meter deposit equivalent to two times the cost of the meter and a water usage deposit is required at time of rental, currently $1,600.00

Monthly handling fee of $5.00 (Equal to $10.00 per bi-monthly bill)

Water usage will be charged at double the regular water rate, current rate is $9.10 per hundred cubic feet (748 gallons)

Reading and inspecting hydrant meters is performed by the meter shop and it is the renter’s responsibility to schedule the meter shop appointments by calling the Water Billing Division.  At the end of the year, all hydrant meters must be returned, and the rental may be renewed if requested.  Any loss of or damage to a hydrant meter will be charged to the renter and may prevent the renter from obtaining another hydrant meter.  Anyone opening or operating a hydrant without authorization or a hydrant meter attached may be fined $1,000 per day for each day of the violation.

Please return the completed hydrant meter rental application along with the total deposit to the Water Billing Division.