Sewer Service-Fox Metro

In addition to a bi-monthly water bill from the City of Aurora, there will be a separate bi-monthly sewer bill from the Fox Metro Water Reclamation District. For questions regarding your Fox Metro sewer bill, please call (630) 301-6881.

The Fox Metro Water Reclamation District (Fox Metro) is a public utility responsible for the conveyance and treatment of wastewater.  Wastewater is generated from people using their toilets, sinks, bathing, dishes, and laundry.  

Fox Metro is also responsible for the public sanitary sewer service pipes over 15″ in diameter and lift (pump) stations.  Residents are responsible for their own service pipes that connect to the main public service lines under the streets.

Your city water bill pays for the drinking water coming into your home, as well as the maintenance of the smaller sewer lines connecting your home and neighborhoods.  Fox Metro’s bill pays for the treatment of the wastewater so that it may be cleaned and returned to the river, as well as the maintenance of the large sewer lines that bring the wastewater to Fox Metro’s treatment plant.

For more information about Fox Metro, please visit their website