City Clerk's Office

Mission Statement

We strive to provide quick, efficient service to all persons - residents, outside agencies and other City departments - by acting as a direct link between residents and their local government and by maintaining all vital City-related documents.


  • Prepares Agendas and Minutes for Committee of the Whole and City Council Meetings
  • Maintains and provides copies of Committee of the Whole and City Council Agendas, Minutes, Resolutions and Ordinances
  • Updates the City of Aurora Code of Ordinances
  • Acts as Deputy City Liquor Commissioner - provides information to businesses and processes Liquor License applications and renewals
  • Processes Temporary Liquor permit applications
  • Processes Outdoor Seating and Dining plan applications
  • Issues Raffle Permits
  • Issues Peddler/Solicitor Licenses
  • Processes City of Aurora Freedom of Information Act requests
  • Administers the City of Aurora document retention program
  • Maintains the City of Aurora document archives
  • Acts as the local election official for local municipal elections

City Clerk's Office: 2022 Work Completed 

(As of November 23, 2022)
Liquor Licenses Issued YTD 207
Temporary Liquor Permits Issued YTD 30
Raffle Permits Issued YTD 24
Peddler/Solicitor Permits Issued YTD 76
Peddler/Solicitor Complaints Addressed YTD 11
Ordinances Passed YTD 81
Resolutions Passed YTD 361
PDFNL's Passed YTD 30
FOIA Responses Fulfilled YTD 5,465