Zoo Map

Zoo Map
  1. Zoo Main Entrance / Exit
  2. River Otters
    River Otters are long, muscular, and very streamlined animals with webbed feet and a rudder-like tail that make them well adapted for their aquatic existence.
  3. Great Horned Owls
    Although these owls do not have actual horns, instead have tufts of feathers that resemble horns.
  4. Cougars
    Cougars are known by many names including the panther, puma and mountain lion. Although once found throughout much of North America, they are now absent from many regions where they were once common.
  5. Llamas / Pygmy Goats
    Llamas do spit. The usual reason for spitting is to settle an argument or to decide who is the dominant llama.
  6. Gray Wolves
    Gray Wolves are the largest member of the wild dog family found in North America.
  7. Farmyard Animals
    Farmyard animals include ducks, geese and swans.
  8. Bald Eagles
    Bald eagles are found across North America, but, about half of the world's 70,000 bald eagles live in Alaska. The bald eagle was chosen in 1782 as the emblem of the United States of America because of its long life, great strength and majestic looks.
  9. Reptiles
    Reptiles from over 10 different species are on display, along with a variety of smaller animals.
  10. Zoo Office
  11. Peacocks
    Peacocks refer to the male peafowl. The female peafowl is called a peahen. In the wild, they live in deciduous tropical rain forests.
  12. Elk
    Elk are the second largest cervid in North America, the moose is the largest. Cervids are animals that grow and shed their antlers each year.
  13. Exit
    Exit to main pavilion and playground (summer only).