Municipal Code

In an effort to provide citizens with the most complete version of the code, Aurora has contracted with an agency that updates our municipal code to provide it to you online. Visitors can browse through title and section headings or search the code book text. The code book is updated every time the official code book is codified - 2 to 3 times per year.

Access the municipal code book.

Twice a month Aurora's City Council passes new or updated ordinances. Please check the list of recently passed Municipal Code Ordinances to find out whether any particular provision of the Code has been amended, superseded or repealed.

Recently Passed Municipal Code Ordinances

  1. O19-059 An Ordinance Amending Section 5-56 of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Aurora
  2. O19-064 An Ordinance Amending the Municipal Code of the City of Aurora by the Addition of Chapter 44
  3. O19-066 An Ordinance Amending Chapter 6 of the City of Aurora Code of Ordinances Entitled "Alcoholic Liquor".
  4. Ordinance 19-071: An Ordinance Amending Section 29, Article IV, Division 2 of the City Code relating to gambling offenses.
  5. Ordinance 19-072: An Ordinance Approving a Text Amendment to Ordinance Number 3100
  6. Ordinance 19-073: An Ordinance Adding Article 8 to Chapter 41.5, of the Code of the City of Aurora
  7. Ordinance 19-076: An Ordinance Amending Chapter 42, Section 22, of the City of Aurora Code of Ordinances Entitled "Mailboxes"
  8. Ordinance 19-080: An Ordinance Amending Chapters 8, 27, 41.5 and 42 of the code of the City of Aurora
  9. Ordinance 19-087: An Ordinance Amending Chapter 29, Article IX-Cannabis and Drug Paraphernalia Violations
  10. Ordinance 19-111: An Ordinance Amending Article V of Chapter 44 of the City Code of the City of Aurora pertaining to the implementation and admin
  11. Ordinance 19-112: An Ordinance Amending Chapter 6,Sec.6-5.-Application for license,Sec.6-7.-Term of license;renewals and Sec.6-10.-Special Permit
  12. Ordinance 19-113: An Ordinance Extending the Registration Deadline and Deferring All Related Obligations Under the Business Registration Ord...
  13. Ordinance 19-114: An Ordinance establishing the rate of the municipal gas use tax imposed by Section 44-63(a) of the City Code of the City of A..