Raffle Permit

Access the municipal code on raffle permits.

Permits Not Required

A raffle permit is not required in the following cases:
  • Any raffle in which the aggregate value of the prizes is less than five hundred dollars ($500) shall be considered automatically licensed without the necessity of an application.
  • Raffles with an aggregate value of less than five hundred dollars ($500) may be held by any organization without having to follow the requirements of this article.

Organizations Eligible for a Raffle Applications

  • 501 (c)(3)
    • Charitable
    • Educational
    • Religious
  • 501 (c)(5)
    • Labor
  • 501 (c)(19)
    • Veterans Organization
  • 501 (c)(8) or 501 (c)(10)
    • Fraternal

Required Information

  • Application Fee
    • $5 if aggregate prize value is between $500 and $5,000
    • $25 if aggregate prize value is more than $5,000
    • $25 for progressive raffle license
  • Articles of Incorporation and/or Charter
  • Fidelity Bond OR Corporate Surety
  • Organization's IRS Letter of Determination (if applicable)
  • Organization's Raffle Rules.
A manager shall give a fidelity bond in the sum of the aggregate retail value of the prizes as set out on the application. The bond shall be in favor of the organization conditioned upon the raffle manager's honesty in the performance of his duties. The bond shall provide that notice shall be given in writing to the licensing authority not less than thirty (30) days prior to its cancellation period. If the retail value of the prizes exceeds fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000), the bond shall be a corporate surety.