User Requirements

The Aurora City Council passed by ordinance number 099-84 changes amending Chapter 17, Article IV "Fire Alarm Systems" of the City Code of Ordinances.

This ordinance contains several new provisions. Following are a few of these new requirements that will affect you as a fire alarm user.

Fire Alarm User Registration

It shall be unlawful for any fire alarm user to lease, own or be in control of any premises wherein a fire alarm system is operated or maintained without first registering with the Fire Prevention Bureau as a fire alarm user.

Fire Alarm Certificate of Acceptance

All fire alarm systems must receive a Certificate of Acceptance from the Fire Prevention Bureau after inspection to operate legally in the City of Aurora. The Certificate of Acceptance indicates that the fire alarm system has been designed, installed and tested in accordance with the standards set forth by the City of Aurora Fire Prevention Bureau, and is approved for the fire alarm dispatch to the Fire Department.

Required User Steps

You, as a fire alarm user will be required to take the following steps:
  1. Fill out the Fire Alarm User registration form (PDF) and return it to the Fire Prevention Bureau:
    44 E Downer Place
    Aurora, IL 60505
  2. Provide a copy of the most current fire protection system inspection and test results performed by qualified service personnel to the Fire Prevention Bureau.
  3. The Fire Prevention Bureau may require a witnessed inspection/test of the fire alarm system and will provide a Certificate of Acceptance certificate for the system indicating the system is acceptable for dispatch to the Fire Department. Repairs or upgrades may be required for system acceptance.
  4. Annually submit copy of system test applicable for the fire alarm system. Failure to submit annual test voids Certificate of Acceptance.
The false fire alarm penalty fee schedule per calendar year will commence on the date of Certificate of Acceptance.

Note: If the Fire Alarm user does not return the Fire Alarm User Registration and request an inspection test by the Fire Department Bureau, for each and every false fire alarm dispatch to a fire alarm by the Fire Department, the fire alarm user will be billed $400.