Fire Lanes

Following are some of the conditions of a fire lane. Call the Fire Prevention Bureau for more detail at 630-256-4130.
  • Site Map showing location of Fire Lane Signs and Fire Hydrants.
  • Fire Lane Sign: Minimum sign size of 12 inches by 18 inches. Must use red letters. Must state "Fire Lane" "No Parking Anytime" "$250 Fine" (International No Parking graphic may be used).
  • Signs required at start and end of each Fire Lane that is non-contiguous.
  • Additional signs will be required for visibility. Signs must not be more than 150 feet apart.
  • Curbs or edge of pavement to be painted red for length of fire lane.
  • Fire Hydrants to have curbs painted yellow or a sign on post stating "Fire Hydrant."

Approved Signs

Acceptable Fire Lane Sign in Front of Building Entrance