Outdoor Consumer Pyrotechnics

Requirements for Consumer Pyrotechnic Displays

  • Application must be received no less than 15 days before event:
  • Provide certificate of training as consumer operator
  • Consumer operator must supervise display
  • Provide a site plan indicating the below information
  • Must be at least 200 feet in all directions from
    • Spectators
    • Building, Structures or Property Lines
    • Free of any overhead obstructions
  • A Water based fire extinguisher or a hose connected to a water supply
  • Site inspection is required for approval of permit
  • List of fireworks to be displayed (number, and size)
  • Documentation that fireworks were purchased from a registered Distributor

Call 630-256-4130 for application.

Reference Codes

  • 425ILCS35 Fireworks Act
  • 225ILCS Pyrotechnic Operator License