Open Burning

Regular garbage pick up and recycling programs have reduced the need to dispose of waste products by burning. In addition burning can create particulate matter; pollutants are created that effect respiratory systems.

Title 35,Subtitle B of the Illinois Administrative Code prohibits the burning of everything but Agriculture waste and landscape waste throughout Illinois.

Agriculture Waste

Discarded matter, except garbage and dead animals, generated on a farm or ranch by crops, livestock production or crop residues may be burned without an EPA permit.

Landscape Waste

Any discarded vegetable or plant matter, except garbage and agricultural waste, including trees, tree trimmings, branches, stumps, brush, weeds, leaves, grass, shrubbery and yard trimmings may be burned without an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) permit. May be further restricted by City or County Codes.

City of Aurora

No open burning without permits Chapter 4, Section 4-7.

DuPage County

No open burning without permits Article VII Chapter 30-17.

Kane County

Limited open burning in these zip codes with restrictions. See for more information.
Zip Codes Affected:
  • 60502
  • 60503
  • 60504
  • 60505
  • 60506
  • 60507
Timeline: April 1 to May 1 and October 15 to December 15.

Kendall County

No open burning Ordinance Number 9712.

Will County

Only landscape waste generated on property and 50 feet from property line and structure. See American Legal Publishing for Will Company Ordinances for more information.