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Ever wonder what we do? join the Citizen Police Academy!

Reason to Attend

In 1995, the Aurora Police Department’s Community Oriented Policing Unit (C.O.P.) held its first Citizen Police Academy class. A.P.D. recognizes the importance of partnering with members of our community to help identify problems and find long-term solutions to improve the quality of life for Aurora residents. The Citizen Police Academy improves the communication and trust between citizens of our community and police officers by allowing participants to learn more about the various functions of the police department. Class participants can develop a better understanding of the various responsibilities police officers have and experience scenario-based classes that give them a first-hand look at how APD officers work together to keep Aurora a safe city to live in, work in, and visit.  

Graduates of the Citizen Police Academy are encouraged to join the Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association (C.P.A.A.A.), one of the largest volunteer organizations in the city. C.P.A.A.A. members give back to their community through volunteer opportunities, can attend numerous social events the Organization holds throughout the year, as well as learn more about other law enforcement and law enforcement-adjacent partners that serve our community.

Academy Dates and Times

The 55th class of the Aurora Police Department's Citizen Police Academy will begin on February 22, 2024 and run for eleven (11) consecutive Thursdays from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Aurora Police Headquarters.

Interested in taking this class in Spanish? Click here.

Requirements to Attend

Applicants for the Citizen Police Academy must be at least 18 years of age. Applicants must also live, work, own property, or attend college in the City of Aurora. The program is free of charge.

Subjects and Topics Covered

  • Criminal Law
  • Special Operations Group
  • Telecommunications
  • Traffic Unit
  • Drones
  • Special Response Team
  • Mock Traffic Stops 
  • Evidence Unit
  • Aurora Fire Department
  • Crisis Intervention Unit
  • Canine Unit
  • Use of Force
  • …and many more interactive classes!

How to Apply

Applications are due by February 9, 2024.

Apply online using the Citizen Police Academy Application Form.

Have questions? 

Ofc. Tracey Archer

Desk: 630-256-5342

Email: [email protected] 

Ofc. Grant Weil

Desk: 630-256-5385

Email: [email protected]