Outdoor Fireplace

Conditions of Use

Conditions for use of an Outdoor Fireplace shall be for single-family residential property only. Must be located at least 15 feet from any combustible materials or structures and placed on a non-combustible base. Not allowed on wooden decks or balconies.

Fill out the Fireplace Permit Application (PDF) and send to:
44 E Downer Place
Aurora, IL 60505

Wood Burning

Only clean dry seasoned firewood shall be burned. No flammable/combustible liquids shall be used to start the fire, only self ignited logs or the use of kindling wood/paper shall be used. It must be fully enclosed with some type of mesh and must have a lid.

Liquefied Petroleum/Gas

Tank size limited to 20 pounds propane or direct connection to approved gas piping from the residence.