Safety Tips

Parent Fire Safety Tips

The Aurora Fire Department takes pride in educating our youth in fire prevention and fire safety.

Annually, thousands of victims of fires are killed and thousands more are injured, along with billions of dollars in damage to property which occurs due to fire related incidents. We believe the key to reducing these statistics is through a continual program of education and prevention.

We are asking you to help by reviewing with your children what they have just learned in the Fire Prevention program. With your assistance, we feel we can successfully reduce these terrible statistics.

General Residence Fire Safety Tips

Follow these simple tips and prevent fires before they start.


  • Keep household appliances out of reach of children.
  • Turn handles in on pots and pans.
  • Don't let electric cords dangle.
  • Check your smoke detector battery once a month.


  • Don't play with matches or lighters, give them to a grown up.
  • Have an escape plan, go over with your family on how to get out fast when a fire occurs, and learn more than one way out of the house and where to meet outside.
  • Once outside at your meeting place, make sure to not go back inside, go next door to a neighbors house and call 911.
  • If you wake up at night and your room is full of smoke, stay low and crawl to get out (Smoke and hot air will rise).
  • If the door of your room is hot don't open it, find another way out or open a window and yell for help.
  • If your clothes catch on fire, never run; running will fan the flames and make them worse.
  • Instead cover your face and Stop (don't run), Drop (to the ground) and Roll (back and forth until the flames go out).
  • If your house catches on fire and a firefighter comes into your house dressed in gear don't be afraid. He/she is there to help you. Do not hide from him/her.
  • Get out fast and safe.
  • Kids, know your emergency phone number and address so if you have to call 911 you can tell them your name, address and phone number.