Emergency Management Agency (EMA)


Mission Statement

The mission of the City of Aurora Emergency Management Agency is to coordinate and administer an integrated, flexible, and comprehensive all-hazards emergency management program by supporting and facilitating departments and agencies through prevention, preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation activities to protect life, property, and the environment ahead of or during emergencies, disasters, or crises.


Building tomorrow's resiliency from yesterday's lessons with today's knowledge.



To engage with and empower the whole community through training, education, outreach,  and inclusion in the emergency management process while cultivating strong relationships and promoting trust.


To influence and guide through support departments, organizations, and agencies within the City of Aurora.

To be transparent and hold ourselves accountable to the highest standard of ethical behavior and organizational excellence.

To embrace the knowledge and skills of all partners across every sector and discipline throughout the emergency management process.


To invest in a skilled workforce through training, education, and professional development, while positively impacting and meeting obligations to influence the public health, welfare, and safety of the City of Aurora.