7 Functions of Emergency Volunteer Services

1. Severe Weather Monitoring

Monitor severe weather during weather watches and warnings at the Aurora Weather Center located at the Emergency Operations Center. Receive reports from Field Weather Spotters and relay information to the National Weather Service.
Collage of Images of Tornado and Weather Gauge Truck

2. Communications

Assist with communications within the Emergency Operations Center Communications room. Help monitor and facilitate communications between the City of Aurora and other emergency agencies.

3. Emergency Preparedness Education

Provide emergency preparedness educations for community groups and business. The Emergency Volunteer Services (EVS) members who are Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) instructors teach and certify those who attend the class.

4. Neighborhood Patrol

Emergency Volunteer Services become an extra set of eyes and ears for the Aurora Police Department. Patrols occur on Friday and Saturday nights when members are available. They report to the police unusual activity, graffiti, unsecured buildings.

5. Traffic Control

Assist the Aurora Police Department on accident scenes and special events with traffic control. Emergency Volunteer Services are a proven additional asset which frees up the police department to focus on more serious demands for service. In addition, EVS members will monitor a wires down situation for the fire department or Police department to free up those resources.

6. Emergency Scene Lighting

The Aurora Emergency Management Agency has several vehicles that are designed for emergency lighting and traffic control. EVS members respond with the appropriate vehicle and provide additional scene lighting for emergency incidents and city events.

7. Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Support

Help provide necessary support services during emergency operations. These duties may include answering phones, being a runner between offices or departments, and supporting the logistical needs of the EOC during emergency operations.