Crime Prevention and Safety Tips

  1. Aggressive Drivers

    Get driver safety information about staying away from aggressive drivers.

  2. At Home Alone: A Parents’ Guide

    Follow the safeguards listed, and you can help ease some of the worry and take measures that will protect your kids even when you’re not around.

  3. Bicycle Safety

    Find out how you can safely enjoy bicycle riding in Aurora or anywhere else.

  4. Curb Thefts From Your Vehicle

    Thefts from vehicles have increased. The Aurora Police Department has the following tips for you to prevent this crime of opportunity.

  5. Curfew Laws

    Read through the local curfew ordinances for minors.

  6. Cybersafety for Kids Online: A Parents’ Guide

    The Internet has opened up a world of information for anyone with a computer and a connection, but just as you wouldn’t send children near a busy road without some safety rules, you shouldn’t send them on to the information superhighway without rules of the road.

  7. Driving Safety

    Read about how you can improve your driving habits to stay safer on the road.

  8. Identity Theft

    Find out what identity theft is and how to protect yourself.

  9. Keeping My Kids From Joining a Gang

    Find prevention useful information and helpful tips to keep your child from joining a gang.

  10. A Kid’s Guide to Safe Walking

    Be safe when walking by yourself by following these tips.

  11. Lock a Door, Stop a Thief

    Read through some good safety habits to have at home.

  12. A Parent’s Guide to Gun Safety

    Be responsible and teach your child gun safety.

  13. Teen Dating Violence

    Dating violence or abuse affects one in four teens.