Curb Thefts From Your Vehicle

Thefts from vehicles have increased. The Aurora Police Department has the following tips for you to prevent this crime of opportunity:
  1. Anything of value, large of small, should be taken with you, placed under the seats, or locked in the trunk. "Out of sight out of mind" is an old but applicable adage here. Never leave vehicle keys inside the vehicle. Cover CD players, cassette players and stereos with a towel or piece of clothing or remove these items, if possible, and place them in your locked trunk.
  2. Always lock your vehicle and trunk.
  3. Park in well lit areas, both in parking lots and at home. Light does deter crime.
  4. Remove any outside antennas from your vehicle so as not to draw attention to your vehicle.
  5. When parked at home, in the garage, always close the garage door when you are not in the immediate area. Make sure the garage is closed before going to bed. Check it!
  6. Install a vehicle alarm and use it. Tips 1 to 5 still apply with any vehicle alarm.
  7. Call the police if you see someone suspicious loitering around any parking lot you may prevent a crime just by calling.
Thefts from vehicles are very preventable crimes, but you must prevent them! Curb thefts from your vehicle by prevention. If you have any questions, please contact the Aurora Police Department's Crime Prevention Unit at 630-256-5000.