Development Services Department

Aurora's Development Services Department works to coordinate the efforts of the various city divisions involved in bringing development and public works projects to life.

About Development Services

The Development Services Department operates as the central coordinator of all development within the City of Aurora.  It assists in the coordination and cooperation among various city departments to achieve common development goals and implements plans and policies established by the Mayor and City Council.


  • Provide support and oversight to the Planning & Zoning, Building & Permits, and Airport Divisions, as well as other major functions of economic development. 
  • Provide support to the Mayor and City Council for projects and programs important to the community. 
  • Facilitate interaction among divisions involved in the development process.
  • Provide decision making and oversight to the many and varied public infrastructure projects. 

2017 Major Accomplishments

  • Assisted Invest Aurora with redevelopment agreements for three major buildings in the downtown.*
  • Facilitated  the construction  of  the remaining  30,000  square  foot building  to  complete the  expansion  of  the  Chicago  Premium Outlets.*
  • Finalized the inspection of the multi-family development at Station Boulevard for the issuance of occupancy permits.
  • Lobbied for the extension of the Illinois Historic Preservation Tax
  • Credit Program for the River Edge Redevelopment Zone.*
  • Researched and promoted new programs and processes to increase customer service to the development community.*
  • Assisted in the sale of the ballfields located at the airport.
* Linked to the city's strategic plan

2016 Major Accomplishments

  • Updated the Seize the Future master plan for the downtown area.
  • Assisted in the development process resulting in the re-use of several key downtown buildings.
  • Developed a revitalization plan for the Route 59 retail corridor in conjunction with the State Route 59 widening project north of New York.
  • Developed a revitalization plan for the Lake Street corridor.