National Criminal Background Check & Landlord/Tenant Lease Addendum

All landlords who are licensed to rent properties and who are applying to be licensed to rent properties must:
  • Conduct a national criminal background check on all new non-owner occupants (18 years of age and older) prior to occupying any rental dwelling unit OR at the time of a lease renewal. National criminal background checks must be conducted by a reputable agency that utilizes the national database. A list of a few of the web-based resident screening sites is provided on the Police - Crime Free Multi Housing page. (Article x Sec. 12-402) (Criminal background checks conducted by the Aurora Police Department no longer meet the ordinance requirements.)
  • Incorporate in the body of all property leases or rental agreements wording substantially similar to that which is found in the City of Aurora's Landlord-Tenant Lease Ordinance. Owners using written, oral or no lease agreements are required to complete a landlord-tenant lease addendum. This addendum must then be signed and dated by all tenants (18 years of age and older) occupying the rental property. A copy of this three page document is located on the Police - Crime Free Multi Housing page. (Article X Sec. 12-403)
As a rule of thumb a national background check must be conducted on all tenants that are documented on the landlord-tenant lease addendum.