Financial Incentives

Federal studies have indicated that the creation of a historic district can be the catalyst for significant private investment in neighborhoods. Historic designation has proven to stabilize and/or increase property values.

Programs for Designated Historic Properties

The following programs are for designated historic properties, available as funding permits:

For more information about these programs, contact Planning and Zoning at 630-256-3080.

Helpful Links

The National Register of Historic Places is a federal program that recognizes historic places worthy of preservation. Eligibility of buildings, sites, districts or objects is based on specific criteria. All applicants go through similar application procedures.

The Standards for Rehabilitation and Guidelines for Rehabilitation provide a model process for owners, developers, and Federal agency managers to follow for rehabilitation projects.

The National Park Service has issued a series of Preservation Briefs to provide guidance on preserving, rehabilitating, and restoring historic buildings.

Quotes From Property Owners

Property owners in Aurora's Historic Districts have stated:

  • "The history, beauty, and elegance of old Aurora are represented by the buildings. The energy, enthusiasm and spirit of community of contemporary Aurora are represented by the people who live in that neighborhood."
  • "I like the idea that my neighborhood will have the same character fifty years from now as it does today."
  • "My property value will be maintained or increased because of the historic designation