The Goldman House

A ranch style house with trees in front of it.
The Marshall and Shirlee Goldman house was designed by Keck and Keck and built in 1951. George Fred Keck was born in Watertown, Wisconsin. He studied engineering at the University of Wisconsin, and architecture from 1915 to 1920 at the University of Illinois. Before starting an independent practice in 1926, he worked for D.H. Burnham and Company, and for Schmidt, Garden and Martin. From 1923 to 24 he taught at the University of Illinois. With Laszlo Maholy-Nagy and Gyorgy Kepes, he founded the Institute of Design in 1938 in Chicago.
His brother, William, who was also born in Watertown, graduated from the University of Illinois In 1931. After college, the younger Keck joined his brother's architectural firm, and became a partner in 1946. A former owner indicated that the architect spent several days living with the owners before designing the house in order to incorporate their lifestyle into the design. Features include a large span of full height windows to bring the outdoors inside; flat roof; use of natural materials; and built in storage facilities. Other innovations include a series of louvered openings to allow fresh air inside, located behind doors on the outside walls. A variation of the open plan allows areas to be closed off by sliding doors.


430 S Evanslawn Avenue
Aurora, IL 60505