6. The Masonic Temple, 1922

A large concrete building with pillars in the front.
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this building was built in 1922 in the Neoclassical style and designed by architect William Q. Bendus. The temple front lodge building is constructed of steel and custom-formed cast concrete. Its 5 stories house the potential for over 50,000 square feet of assembly space, although 2 of the 5, 2 story balconied rooms (a lodge room and a formal ballroom) were never finished.

The building was constructed by the Aurora Masonic Alliance, a group of 10 Masonic organizations. The nearly 1000 members, through donation and subscription, raised almost a quarter of a million dollars in less than one week in order to begin construction of the building.


104 S Lincoln Avenue
Aurora, IL 60505