4. Jones House, 1925

A cottage-style house.
This Tudor style home features a slate-covered, undulating roof that suggests the picturesque roofs of rural England. Its intricate brickwork, eyebrow dormer and beautiful landscaping make it reminiscent of an English country cottage. It includes an entry porch roof with Colonial Revival detailing, including the curved roof underside, fluted Doric columns, and the leaded fanlight over the entry door. The architect, Frank B. Gray designed many locally significant buildings.
The original owner, Milton Jones, was a long-time executive officer in the Richards-Wilcox manufacturing Company, a major maker of doors, partitions, door hangers, door hardware, and overhead track. Milton and his wife Minnie lived in the home until the late 1940s, and their son Malcom and his family continued to live there until 1976.


1115 W Downer Place
Aurora, IL 60505