Special Interests

  1. Architect Eugene Malmer

    Read about the history and background of architect Eugene Malmer.

  2. Architect Herbert Spieler

    Access information about Architect Herbert Spieler.

  3. Architect J.E. Minott

    Read about the work of architect J.E. Minott.

  4. Architects Worst & Shepardson

    Discover information about the work of architects Worst and Shepardson.

  5. Bridges in Aurora

    Learn about the historic bridges in Aurora.

  6. Commemorative Street Names

    Read about commemorative street names throughout Aurora.

  7. George Grant Elmslie Architectural Tour

    Take a tour of George Grant Elmslie's architecture in Aurora.

  8. Historic Churches

    View photos and read about the historic churches in Aurora.

  9. Other Local Landmarks In Aurora

    Read about various landmarks in Aurora.