14. Ford House, 1949

A small house with surrounded by trees.
One of the most significant homes in Aurora is the Ford house, designed by architect Bruce Goff. It is also commonly referred to as the "Round" or "Coal" house. Working on the theory that the circle is "an informal, gathering-around, friendly form," Goff designed the home with a center circle 50 feet in diameter and two circular bedroom wings. It is constructed of anthracite coal, steel, glass, cedar, and hemp, and has remained relatively unchanged since its construction.
Bruce Goff was a self-educated and exceptionally creative architect. His organic designs often depended on creative free-association and borrowed materials. Ruth Van Sickle Ford was the original owner. She was a noted artist, and was the director of the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts at the time the house was constructed.


404 S Edgelawn Avenue
Aurora, IL 60505