Architects Worst & Shepardson

Fred W Worst graduated from East Aurora High School in 1887 and joined Minott in 1895 when the firm was renamed Minott and Worst at 53 S LaSalle Street. Ralph Shepardson was a student at the University of Illinois at the time, and in 1904 became a partner with Worst when the firm again was renamed Worst and Shepardson. They were in practice there from 1904 until 1917, and their practice was located in the Coulter Block on the northeast corner of Broadway and Downer.

Their extensive work includes:
  • 1916 addition to Copley Hospital
  • 495 N Lake Street
  • Residential buildings such as the Prairie style house at 427 E Benton Street (1912)
  • Tower on the GAR building
  • Worst and Shepardson also worked with Adler and Sullivan on the design of the Aurora Watch Factory, which was destroyed
Mary and Fred Worst lived at 749 N Lake in the Wilder House which Then and Now estimated as the oldest house in Aurora, built in 1837 (Then and Now July 5, 1942).